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Welcome to WLIS Chapter 734, Jackson, MI. Chapter officers for 2011-12 include:President: Oaklyn SmithVice President: Sue BillingsleyRecording Secretary: Kelly LubbeTreasurer: Ralpha DeutscherAuditor: Susan M. BillingsleyChaplan: Jeanette M. Harris     Scheduled meeting dates are: June 22, 2013 July 27, 2013 August 24,2013 Location for meeting is now at Omega's Coney Island located by the Sears entrance. Arrive for breakfast between 9 and 10 am the meeting will start at 10:30. While attending a meeting when speaking please stand up if possible to address the floor. Please respect those who are talking and try not to have side conversations. This will help our meetings run on time and everyone will have the chance to be heard. Thank you all for being part of a wonderful chapter.      
Cascade Humane Shelter 2012
Chapter 734 Jackson Women''s Life Group at our potluck 9-8-12
Diane Bedore

Chapter Details

Meeting Time:
10 AM 4th Saturday of each month

Meeting Place:
Alpha Coney Island