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Intuitions® LPU Select Limited Payment Whole Life Insurance (M16-3400 LPWL & ICC16 M16-3400 LPWL)

Intuitions LPU Select Whole Life Insurance is individual whole life insurance coverage that provides protection for your entire life, with premiums designed to end as you approach retirement.

Intuitions LPU Select Limited Payment Whole Life Gives You a Lifetime of Peace of Mind

  • Permanent life insurance protection to last throughout your life, as long as scheduled premium payments are paid.
  • The premium is level and designed to end at age 60, 65, or 70 — You select!
  • Cash values are guaranteed and grow tax-deferred.
  • Policies are participating and eligible for declared dividends.

Some Important Features

  • Intuitions LPU Select is available in a range of death benefit amounts, from ages 0–60 (with at least 10 years of premium payable). The minimum amount of insurance is $10,000; Maximum amount is $2 Million.
  • Additional riders are available to help you create a plan that works for your unique needs. Available riders include:
    • Ten and Twenty-Year Level Term Riders to add coverage during a period of high protection needs, such as while your children are young. The term rider coverage is convertible; it is not renewable. (Issue ages 16–60, 16–50 respectively. Twenty-year term rider available if at least 20 years of base premium payable.)
    • Accidental Death Benefit Rider pays an additional amount if death occurs from an accident. (Issue ages 5–60.) The rider will expire on the plan anniversary following the insured’s 70th birthday. Death cannot result, directly or indirectly, from infirmity or disease, infection, suicide or self-inflicted injury, war, declared or undeclared, illegal drugs, or aircraft mishap unless a passenger on a commercial or business flight.
    • Spouse Term Rider provides 20-year term coverage on the life of your spouse. (Issue ages 16–50.) Spouse coverage is convertible; it is not renewable. (Available if at least 20 years of base premium payable.)
    • Children’s Term Rider provides protection on your minor children until they reach age 25. (Issue ages 0–17, 0–14 in NY.) Children’s Term Rider coverage is convertible at the child’s age 25; it is not renewable.
    • Total Disability Benefit Rider under which Woman’s Life pays your premiums for you if you become totally disabled under the terms of the rider. (Issue ages 5–55.) The rider will expire on the plan anniversary following the insured’s 60th birthday. No waiver for disability resulting from self-inflicted injury or war, declared or undeclared, or any act attributable to war.
    • Guaranteed Insurability Option Rider lets you purchase additional coverage at specified times, even if you are uninsurable. (Issue ages 0–37.)
    • Accelerated Death Benefit gives you the option to receive a portion of the death benefit if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness with less than 12 months to live (24 months in IL). This rider is can be added at no additional premium.
Trust your intuition. Trust Woman’s Life.®

For more information, request a free, no obligation needs analysis with a Woman’s Life representative.

This plan and riders are not available in all states. Like most insurance policies, Woman’s Life Insurance Society’s policies and riders contain exclusions, limitations, and reductions of benefits, termination provisions, and terms under which the policy may be continued in force or discontinued. For costs and complete details, speak with your Woman’s Life Representative or call Woman’s Life.

Premium payments end on the certificate anniversary following the insured’s 60th, 65th, or 70th birthday as selected at application. Issue ages for standard and substandard classes: Age 15 days to 10 years prior to the paid up age selected. For preferred classes: Age 18 years to 10 years prior to paid up age selected. Purchasing Intuitions LPU Select, with or without riders, is subject to proof of insurability and full underwriting. There is a two-year contestable period. During this period the policy can be rescinded for material misrepresentation in the application. If death by suicide occurs in the first two certificate years, the only death benefit is return of premium. Certificate loans will reduce values and death benefit. Dividends are a non-taxable return of a portion of the premiums and are not guaranteed. This information is a partial summary of the Intuitions LPU Select features and is not a contract. The Intuitions LPU Select product is not FDIC insured, nor is it insured by any other agency of the United States. It is not a bank deposit. It is not guaranteed by a bank or any bank affiliate. It may lose value.


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