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Woman's Life Insurance Society

Welcome to Woman's Life


Woman's Life connects women with other women who care. Woman's Life gives women a place to belong and a close community of friends.


Woman's Life provides women with the opportunity to make a difference together and make a significant impact on causes important to them.


One of the goals of the Woman's Life National Cause is to recognize that homelessness and hunger are everyone's problem, and that we have an opportunity to be a part of the solution.


Woman's Life Member Perks Program!

Woman’s Life is delighted to announce our new Member Perks program. Sign up today and discover exclusive discounts from hundreds of national and local merchants. Access your perks from work, at home, or on the go. It’s an exciting way to save!





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Legacy of Love

You adore your grandchildren! You love spending time with them, making special projects, reading books, buying presents, snuggling, laughing, and creating beautiful memories. With the gift of life insurance, you can also provide a solid foundation for their secure financial future...a gift that could last a lifetime.


Legacy of Love

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  • Let Your Voice be Heard in Congress!

    Let Your Voice be Heard in Congress!

    Please take action today to support the American Fraternal Alliance’s “Race to 100” initiative to recruit 100 co-sponsors for House Congressional Resolution 19, the “Fraternal Resolution”.


    As non-profit, tax-exempt organizations, fraternal benefit societies, including Woman’s Life, help fill the gaps in government programs by directing financial support and providing hands-on service to stock food pantries, meet medical needs, build playgrounds, provide disaster relief, and so much more. In fact, research has shown that the value of the work done by fraternal benefit societies and their members is more than $3.8 billion per year.


    With just a few clicks you can send a pre-written, personalized message to your legislators, let them know you are a member of Woman's Life Insurance Society, and provide them with information about the impact of fraternals in their home state and across the country. 


    Click here to make a difference!

Woman's Life Insurance Society®
A Fraternal Benefit Society
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