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Chapter Membership

What our members say…


“As President of our chapter, I am so proud of our members. Our group is predominantly senior citizens and we work on many community projects. We have funded a karaoke in the afternoon at the John George home and the Jackson Friendly home. Our group has also helped Friends of the Animals and used Woman’s Life grants for the interfaith shelter, feeding the homeless. This gives us a sense of pride. One of our current projects is raising funds for student scholarships. We are working on four scholarships this year and Woman’s Life Insurance Society will match up to $500 of the money we raise! It is fun and a rewarding pleasure working next to each of my friends. I enjoy being a member of Woman’s Life and have been fortunate to work alongside such wonderful people!”

— Oaklyn


What’s it all about?

Woman’s Life Insurance Society is a not-for-profit, membership organization that engages active, energetic women like you for fun, friendship, and financially supported community outreach.

With matching funds and volunteer service project grants, Woman’s Life offers you the unique opportunity to connect with other people in your community and to make a significant impact on causes important to you.


Why would I want to be a member of a Woman’s Life chapter?

Being a part of a Woman’s Life Chapter gives you a chance to kick start something big in your community. Being a member means having fun with your friends, meeting new people, networking, and enjoying a unique social sphere of community-minded individuals. Woman's Life offers:

  • Financially supported community outreach efforts
  • Opportunities to connect with others in your area
  • Resources to give back and help those in need

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What do chapter members do?

There is plenty to do as a Chapter member. Everything from hosting a bowling fundraiser to venturing around the town for a ladies’ night out, or digging through dirt to create a community garden… there is plenty to do in your community. We simply give you the tools and resources you need to make the world a better place. Chapter members can:

  • Collect & donate items for organizations and individuals in need
  • Host fundraisers to support non-profit programs within various communities
  • Participate in fun social activities to strengthen bonds of friendship

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Fundraising, donations, & volunteer service projects

What organizations are supported through chapter activities and donations?

  • Local Shelters & Food Banks
  • National Charities & Most 501(c)(3) Organizations
  • Community Needs & Individuals in Need

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So get your friends together and kick start something big in your community!

Interested In Learning More?

  • A Woman’s Life chapter may already be in your area.
  • Please contact us for additional information.