Woman’s Life Insurance Society

Chapter Leadership Guide

Woman’s Life offers an excellent program of chapter support benefits including Matching Funds, Volunteer Service Project Grants and Chapter Promotion Grants.

Below are basic chapter forms and instructions that you can download and print using Adobe Reader. If you do not already have Adobe Reader, please click on the following button to get your free copy:

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Chapter Forms & Instructions
Application for Social Membership (C-9) Use this form to apply for Social Membership and become a part of a fun and energetic group of women who care.
Annual Audit Form (C-70) This form is to be signed by all members of the Auditing Committee and submitted to Home Office.
Annual Audit Instructions (C-70inst) Duties and responsibilities of the auditing committee.
Benefits of Membership (C-92) Woman’s Life… What’s it all about? Chapter Support Benefits, Fraternal Benefits, Financial Security and Protection.
Chapter Officer Duties (C-101) Duties and responsibilities for each officer position.
ChapterWeb Logon Directions (C-102) Instructions for logging onto the Chapter Website.
Benefit Member Referral Form (C-51) Complete this form to speak to one of our licensed representative and learn how our products will meet your needs.
Annual Bag of Cash Challenge (C-29) Earn additional money for your chapter annually!
Submitting Photos Guide (C-89) Guidelines and helpful tips for submitting photos
Chapter Promotion Program Grant Guidelines (F-204i) Guidelines for using the annual grant available to each chapter.
Chapter Promotional Items Order Form (F-204) Order Woman’s Life favors for meetings or special events.
Chapter Scholarship Guidelines (C-94) Guidelines for administering a Woman’s Life chapter scholarship.
Donation Acknowledgement (C-16) Receipt for charitable donation.
Election of Officers (C-31i) Guidelines for the election of chapter officers.
Report of Officers (C-31) Submit your elective and appointive officers to the Chapter Development Department.
Event Promotion Flyer Request Form (C-90) Request flyers for approved events and projects.
Fun Ideas to Keep Your Chapter Meetings Rollicking (C-96) Suggestions for adding fun to your chapter meetings.
Guidelines for Creating Event Flyers What to include when creating a Woman’s Life event flyer.
Installation of Officers (C-304) Explanation of the Installation of Officers Ceremony.
Lands End Clothing Order Instructions How to place your Woman’s Life apparel order online.
Checklist for Matching Funds (C-49) Guidelines/Checklist for a Matching Funds Project.
Matching Funds Program Request Form (A-71) Request form and instructions for a matching funds project.
Member Participation sheet (C-97) Member’s Participation worksheet
Checklist for Volunteer Service Project (C-48) Guidelines/Checklist for Volunteer Service Project Grant.
Monthly Volunteer Service Report(C-25) Report volunteer service to your chapter treasurer.
Monthly Volunteer Service Report Instructions (C-25i) How to complete the C-25 and why.
New Member Initiation (C-306) Explanation of the New Member Initiation Ceremony.
The Business Meeting (C-302) Items to include at every business meeting.
Treasurer’s Monthly Cash Account (C-33) Used by the chapter treasurer to record all transactions. (Optional)
Monthly Activity Report (C-36) Record financial details and monthly chapter activities.
Volunteer Service Project Grant Request Form (C-35) Request form for volunteer service project grants.
Volunteer Service Project Grant Final Report Form (C-35f) Report the final grant accounting information, to be returned with receipts and/or unused funds.
Woman’s Leadership Development Grant Application (C-110) Complete this form to apply for a grant used to strengthen your leadership skills.
Woman’s Leadership Development Grant Program (C-110i) Requirements and guidelines to apply for the grant program.
Chapter Naming and Branding Policy (C-98) Guidelines for customizing your chapter and establishing chapter identity.
Woman’s Life Logo Usage (C-99) Guidelines for using the Woman’s Life logo.
Woman’s Life Approved Apparel Designs (C-125) Guidelines for the Woman’s Life Approved Apparel Designs.

Please mail completed, signed forms along with any other required documents to:

Woman’s Life Insurance Society®
1338 Military Street
PO Box 5020
Port Huron, MI 48061-5020

If you have questions or service requests that can not be answered through these chapter forms and instructions, please contact our Home Office. Our Chapter Development Department is committed to providing quality service to our chapter officers.