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Woman’s Life, an award-winning quarterly membership magazine, is provided to each member. The magazine highlights our members who are having fun while helping others and offers educational and inspirational articles promoting connections, community and causes important to women.

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At Woman’s Life, an important part of our mission is to help you create a secure financial future for yourself and your family. With that goal in mind, this newsletter is filled with tips and ideas you can use to save, shop, plan, and be financially savvy on your terms.


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She’s a measure twice, cut once kinda gal – and we’re so grateful for Chelsea! This year, she celebrates 5 years of service with Woman’s Life Insurance Society. Chelsea started as our afternoon receptionist and is now our Claims Specialist in the Member Service Department. Chelsea is a natural learner; she has completed training to become a certified IRA specialist, and she’s a valuable member of the Employee Empowerment Team. Chelsea is notable for her depth of knowledge, but she says her favorite thing about working at Woman’s Life is not her expertise like you might expect – but the people. Thank you for 5 great years of excellent service to our members. We look forward to watching you grow and continue to lead in your gentle way with the coming years. Thank you, Chelsea!

Employee Milestone

Employee Milestone

Congratulations to Michelle for serving 5 years with Woman ’s Life Insurance Society. She is a witty, ball of spunk in the office and can measure her time working at Woman ’s Life by the age of her daughter – almost 5 years old! Michelle is the Sales Department Administrative Assistant. As the Administrative Assistant, she works with agents and members to answer questions, assists with the application process, and helps keep the Sales Department running smoothly. We appreciate her spunky personality and service!

Celebrating 20 Years!

Celebrating 20 Years!

Congratulations Martha for an outstanding 20 years of service! She started in the insurance industry as an agent at a young age. Once she found Woman’s Life, she started at the reception desk and spent some time in member service, before she found her sweet spot in accounting. Martha said, “It goes by quick! You work and don’t really focus on the time until you get those years in.” As a single mother, she appreciates everything Woman’s Life has done for her and her family. Martha knows she was meant to be at Woman’s Life. “Many roads lead to one,” she says wisely. Congratulations Martha! You are a vital part of our team, one who always provides a listening ear!

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