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Strong Start™ Term to Age 26 Convertible Term Life Insurance: A Foundation for a Secure Financial Future

Create a Strong Start for your child’s secure financial future with Term to Age 26 Convertible Term Life Insurance from Woman’s Life Insurance Society

Strong Start™ Term to Age 26 Life Insurance from Woman’s Life Insurance Society provides term life insurance protection for your minor child or grandchild. This simplified issue plan is designed to provide a foundation to build on for their secure financial future.

With affordable premiums for issue ages 0-17, this plan can:

  • Protect their insurability with conversion options even if their health changes
  • Help give your family funds and time to begin to heal if the unthinkable were to happen
  • Protect against future potential debts such as student loans
  • Provide a Scholarship Opportunity and other exclusive Woman’s Life Benefits of Membership

To decide if this plan is right for you and your family, speak to your Woman’s Life representative or contact us to get started today.

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Issue age 0 means an infant 15 days old.

There is a two-year contestable period. During this period, the policy can be rescinded for material misrepresentation in the application. If death by suicide occurs in the first two policy years, the only death benefit is return of premium.

When converting, the new premium is based on the insured’s age at conversion.

When life insurance that is individually owned by the decedent is counted toward the decedent’s taxable estate, it is possible that local or state inheritance tax is owed based on the value of such life insurance death benefit. Refer to IRS Publication 559 for more information.

Eligibility for fraternal benefits of membership is determined by the Woman’s Life Board of Directors; fraternal benefits may be amended or discontinued by action of the board of directors.

Products not available in all states.


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